DBT assessmentIf you’ve been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or an eating disorder, it can be overwhelming to figure out what treatment will give you the best chance at a long-term recovery. At the DBT Center of Los Angeles, we can help you get the treatment and DBT groups you need to make a successful recovery from your psychiatric disorder.

The DBT Center of Los Angeles offers a complete continuum of care, including residential, day treatment, and outpatient treatment. Our skilled admissions coordinators can help you determine what level of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) treatment will work best for you.

When you call Clearview’s DBT Center of Los Angeles, you will talk to an experienced admissions specialist and schedule a clinical needs consultation. Consultations, which are free and completely confidential, can be done over the phone or in person.

Assessment Procedure for DBT Treatment and Groups

To help us get a better idea of what type of treatment will be most beneficial to you, you will be asked during to provide information on why you’re seeking treatment, your general health, history of psychiatric issues, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma history, and a variety of other relevant information.

Our nurturing admissions coordinators will also gather necessary clinical information based on your assessment, including previous treatment for a psychiatric disorder or addiction, hospital records, prior DBT treatment, and family input. All of this information allows us to help you enter DBT treatment at the appropriate level of care.

Before entering the DBT Center of Los Angeles, you will be able to tour one of our many DBT treatment facilities. When you feel as though you are ready to enter residential, day treatment, or outpatient treatment, we will help you finalize your finances and schedule a check-in time or start date.

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The decision to enter treatment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Call the DBT Center of Los Angeles today at (866) 665-8465 to schedule your free and confidential consultation or submit the form below.

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